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About Blue Sky Craft Studio

“The hand is the instrument of the mind.”
— Maria Montessori
“One who works with their hands is a laborer.
One who works with their hands and head is a craftsperson.
One who works with their hands, head and heart is an artist.”
francis assisi
— Francis Assisi

Our approach at Blue Sky Craft Studio is to incorporate the intertwined unique components of the Heart, Hand and Mind. Handwork and craftwork brings balance between the intellect and movement allowing students to experience the joys and challenges of the creative process.

Through generations of crafters we have been given a myriad of handwork techniques that we still can enjoy, master and that continue to enrich our lives. At Blue Sky Studio we aim to continue these incredible forms of creating in an atmosphere of joy, wonder, exploration and non-judgment.

Handwork is important to the evolution of the human being as it has benefits that last a lifetime.

Handwork offers:

  • Love of Natural fibers
  • Connection to loved ones and community by offering
  • Our creations as gifts
  • Helps us process what we know
  • Bring us in touch with the beauty of the world
  • Lead to deep cognitive retention
  • Gives us multiple opportunities to create something meaningful
  • Opportunities for self-expression
  • It quiets the mind and lessens stress
  • Practice in problem solving
  • Offers avenues for developing confidence and self-expression

Join us in this wonderful world of crafting and be part of the handwork community at Blue Sky Craft Studio.

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