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Adult Felted Vessel Making Class - Nov 9, 2022

Wednesday, November 9, 2022

$75 + $5 materials fee


14 Spots Available

Free-form Sculptural Vessels in Felt

Teacher: Deb Tewell

Create a unique, three-dimensional, wet-felted vessel using wool fibers, then decorated with any number of surface design techniques. Taught by Deb Tewell, you will learn how to felt with a resist that will produce a seamless, hollow shape. You will create visual interest with a wonderfully textured surface.

Following Deb’s step-by-step procedure, less experienced felters will reinforce the basics and intermediate felters will learn tips and tricks that get them to their next level of felting. The surface design techniques can be used to add interest to scarves, hats, or other felted projects. It’s a winner!